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      Our production workshop in strict accordance with the GMP specification requirements for design and acceptance. (1500L), four sets of vacuum , four columns (400 * 4000), vacuum microwave oven and one set of spray Drying equipment, 2000L cone mixer and a large resin chromatography separation and other modern extraction equipment, the production process in strict accordance with the pharmaceutical production quality management practices (GMP) for control, to provide a stable product quality assurance. There are the most advanced extraction of small test, pilot plant production line, there are extraction laboratories, to complete the small test to the production of various types of extracts, the stage of the process development.
      Shaanxi Guanjie Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong R & D strength for the pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetics industry to develop a more effective, more specific plant active ingredients; and based on the characteristics of each product, combined with our products Basic research, to establish a specific efficacy of the product compound formula.